SteamVR Support, Running in Free mode and Android Camera fix!

Yay! New update for Backrooms. What’s new you might think? Here’s a changelog:

  • You can now run in free mode.
  • Added support for PC VR. (using Steam VR)
  • Camera is now controlled with a joystick on android.
  • Added FPS options in the settings.
  • Added quality options in the settings.
  • Changed the footstep sound to better suit walking on a carpet.
  • Changed the light hum sound to DayQuil23’s sound effect.
  • Removed Game Jolt leaderboard and achievement system from the VR versions.
  • Game engine upgraded.
  • Small changes and bug fixes. (No one likes to read them really)

As you might know, there is a new Backrooms game in development! I’m currently practicing online multiplayer systems for it on a separate small game so that making Backrooms: The Lore will be easier for me :D

Thanks for all of your support and help, specially with Backrooms: The Lore! I hope you all enjoy the new update of Backrooms :)

Now that you read all this, have a silly meme of my other game, Cute adblocker:

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Bro quiero comprarlo pero como puedo pagar por Paypal :(? No sé hacerlo

There is a button to pay with PayPal when you select “Download”.