Cute Adblocker is a Retro style Shooting Game where you kill Advertisements instead of people.

You are a lonely man named Shayan who has been jailed. You must find your way out of the prison by destroying floating Ads in your way; with guidance of a clumsy humanoid, Libre.

There are many types of advertisements like TV Ads, Internet Ads, Download buttons, etc. Which shows the annoyance of certain Ads and killing them makes the Player relaxed.

While keeping a Classic appearance, Cute Adblocker has influence of modern FPS games such as looking up and down, moving in 4 axis, Inspecting your weapon and cross-hair.

You can play Score Mode after you've finished the Story Mode, So don't stop Destroying Ads when the Story ends!

You can Download the latest version here and report any bugs or suggestions in the Community below. Don't forget that you can access these in "Options" in the game itself.

Note that story mode and more maps are available in the standalone version.

Install instructions

I don't think anyone would be confused, but all you need to do is to download your operating system version from below and unzip the .zip file to an empty folder in your PC and then play "Cute Adblocker.exe".

Note that Screenshots are saved to that folder next to 'Cute Adblocker.exe'.

Note that this game requires internet connection for Game Jolt API account; But can also be played offline, in which, all of your trophies and high score is saved until you connect and use the "Sync" option from "Game Jolt Account" > "Sync".

You can make a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on 'Cute Adblocker.exe' and selecting "Send to" > "Desktop (create shortcut)". 

Contact if you're really stuck.


Windows version 75 MB
Linux (Ubuntu) version 44 MB
MacOS version 79 MB
First 10 Minutes of Game play 233 MB
Contact me to send you older versions... 114 bytes

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