A downloadable game for Windows

Like most of Unity developers, I made a tiny horror game; But it's with full lights on!

Based on a creepypasta, the Backrooms brings a nostalgic feeling of being lost in endless piles of empty rooms with fluorescent lights at full hum-buzz.

You have to find your way out, but of course, some "friends" don't want you to leave. If you don't "wake up" in time, your nightmares will drown you.

"If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in.

God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you."

Install instructions

I don't think anyone would be confused, but all you need to do is to download the Backrooms.zip from below and unzip the .zip file to an empty folder in your PC and then play "Backrooms.exe".

Note that this game requires internet connection for Game Jolt API account; But can also be played offline, in which, all of your trophies and high score is saved until you connect and use the "Sync" option from "Options" > "Game Jolt Account" > "Sync".

You can make a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on 'Backrooms.exe' and selecting "Send to" > "Desktop (create shortcut)". 

Contact IEP78Esy@gmail.com if you're really stuck.


Backrooms.zip 21 MB

Development log