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NOTICE: This game is a part of IEP Legacy games; it is very old, buggy and its development is canceled. For newer games, please visit my main page

You might want to check out the sequel to this game, Hackniom Online.


Hackniom is a critical chemical element which its survival depends on gems. Experience being a chemical element and collect gems for a living.

Each level sets in a different reality, and there are enemies which don't like your existence.

Important notes for those who want to download:

  • This game is partially in persian language.
  • Development of this game is canceled. Please don't report any bugs since it won't be updated.
  • This game might crash on load and drop a crash.dmp file on some computers. Specially when loading level 5.


Hackniom - Windows 73 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run Hackniom.exe. Please read "Important notes for those who want to download" first. 

This game is a part of IEP Legacy games so it's buggy, short and mostly not optimized; please be aware.

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