A downloadable legacy games

I started making games in 2012 with Game Maker 1 engine. I've documented all noticeable games I made since then until Dasher 3D as my Legacy games.

All of these games are short, buggy or incomplete as they were my practice projects when I was learning game development. Only tRIP and Clutch:OSG are in english!

Adventure of a desperate
game developer
Short horror visual novel
game about 3 friends
Arcade defense game for
Clutch - MB
Clutch Mashin Bazi
Tune any car you want and just
Take a weird university
entrance exam
Clutch - OSG
Clutch OSG
Take on races and missions
to be a leader
Collect gems to survive as
a spherical chemical element
Play your part in the Blue
street racing team
Any game named under
Computer Arts (C.A.), Cobalt
Team or IEP Games is made by me.

Some other titles (not in
any order): 
PGF (Persian Gulf Forever),
Birthday Game, MetalMind,
Clutch Ray, Clutch Race,
Clutch Neon,
Clutch Highway Racer, 
MonoZ!T, Ghalt, Mouse Game Pro,
Ajire Polis, Polygon, Board and Ball


Q: Why are these games so bad?

A: I made these games when I was learning game development. They're short, buggy and have a practice suppose rather than being a complete game.

Q: So why have you uploaded them here now?

A: Since itch io is trying to have all of indie games documented; I found it useful to have itch pages for all of my games instead of some loose files laying around my computer.

Q: Compared to your current games, these ones are terribly awful! Aren't you ashamed of showing these on your page?

A: First of all,  this is the main reason why I made them grouped as my 'Legacy' games, so that people won't see these when they visit the main page; but it is accessible if they're curious to see more.

Secondly, these games helped me become a better game developer, and I'm in fact very proud to show who I was, and compare them to see what I've become.

Lastly, there are more terrible games on this website.

Q: Is there any chance you continue, fix or update any of these games or continue them in a new game? 

A: No. As I mentioned above, I made these games for practicing and many of them are made with Unity 4 or even their project folder is lost!

My game design methods also weren't optimized at all, so continuing any of these means redesigning everything from scratch!

However, continuing their story or even a remake in a future game is possible, especially from Clutch game series.