Update v1.3 + WebGL(HTML5) - Featherweight

I've realized some systems, still, can't play Dasher at a good speed/FPS. So I decided to make a HARDCORE optimization; I made an Android version (which I'll be putting here soon) that I used to test if my hardcore graphic optimization is good enough to run on a pocket-device (Still feeling very lazy to optimize the codes). Well it turns out pretty well because my friend's old Android 4 phone played it at ~30-40 FPS! 

And by the way. Now you can play the game right on the page thanks to unity's WebGL! A light version with no menu and maps is added to the game page (10MB).

So here's your change log:

Optimization: Removed all light sources and switched to light probes. Changed all the shaders to non-PBR shaders (Don't know why I needed PBR in the first place anyway lol). Lowered the count of particles.

Effects: Added an effect in the main menu as you can see below (made with unity's animation, meaning you can have it anywhere! Super proud of it :D). Added an overlay image-effect in the game when you freeze the time.

Indicators: Now all the bosses in the room are pointed with an indicator having the color of each boss.

Bug fixes: Oh god why?...

Be sure to check out Dasher's community to give ideas or just a heads up for a bug! Thanks for playing!

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