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Dasher 3D

Top down shooter with time freezing. · By IEP_Esy


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Summer Update
Dasher 3D is now available on Windows, Android, MacOS and WebGL. In the new summer update, you can connect your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch account to G...
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Update v1.4 + Android - Milkshakes and Power-ups
Hey everyone! Here we have the update version 1.4 of Dasher, Milkshakes and Power-ups! Now, the reason I named it like that will be clear for you after you seen...
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Huge Update coming soon...
Expect a huge update for Dasher soon: Android support, Camera effects, Farsi language, bug fixes and finally... Power ups!
Update v1.3 + WebGL(HTML5) - Featherweight
I've realized some systems, still, can't play Dasher at a good speed/FPS. So I decided to make a HARDCORE optimization; I made an Android version (which I'll be...
Game Completed!
Hey everyone! I'm here with the final version of Dasher 3D game! The major differences I can tell you are the Maps and Options with minor fixes and tweaks. The...
32-bit version
One of my old friends is (still) using a 32-bit system (and don't want to upgrade either :))). So, I merged my project for 32-bits systems so that he, and anyon...
Update v0.7 - Meet the Bosses
Hello everyone. Thank you for 60+ downloads! I'm really glad that people are playing the game. I'm here with the new update for Dasher 3D. The main differences...
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Hello everyone! Feel free to add a new topic if you think is needed. I've added a =Bugs= and =Ideas= topics so that you can tell Dasher's bugs and give ideas for what would be the next!


If you've find a bug you can tell it here and if you want to give an idea for Dasher you can tell it here.

The game's development is over but it's actively being updated. If I haven't shown any signs of that It means that I'm getting to my other projects/studies; So it's not dead :D

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