Markers Update v1.1

Hello everyone! After a week of WTIAU's release; I have some good updates here! Generally, Markers have been added and some bugs are fixed; but in detail, here's a list of what's been changed:

  • First difference you'll notice is the on-screen tips. They'll guide you through the simulation based on what action you're doing. You can see them at bottom-left of your screen and can be turned off/on by [T].
  • Added different markers to the demo! You can pick them up and draw with them on almost every surface (that's why they're called AnySurface™️). The blue color is on teacher's table, but other colors are hidden in the demo; find them all!
  • An eraser was made too. But it can only delete whole lines and the line detection is still a bit buggy. It's better than not being able to erase though...
  • Chairs' physics are re-designed to have better simulation and be more fun!
  • Other small changes: player is thinner, projector music is changed, more drop sounds added, enhanced particle effect, about menu changed and laptop now turns off to indicate projector's activity.
  • Bug fixes: picking  falling-into-infinity bug partially fixed, more collider added, halo clipping fixed and more bugs added to fix later!

Thanks for 30+ downloads on the first week! I hope you enjoy this demo as much as I enjoyed making it! :D

Download the update here. Feel free to ask any questions you have here or add a topic at WTIAU's community page!


WTIAU v1.1 - 48 MB
Dec 21, 2019

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