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NOTICE: This game is a part of IEP Legacy games; it is very old, buggy and its development is canceled. For newer games, please visit my main page.


In Hefaz7 you defend a button against enemies while waiting for the button to activate. The button activates in different ways; sometimes it's a countdown, sometimes some shapes have to be aligned, ...

Progress 5 levels to unlock a score mode which is endless.

Important notes for those who want to download:

  • This game is in persian language only.
  • Development of this game is canceled. Please don't report any bugs since it won't be updated.
  • It might stop working or have resolution/graphic issues on some android devices, specially new ones.


Hefaz7 Persian ONLY Android 18 MB

Install instructions

Put Hefaz7.apk on any android 4< device and open it. Please read "Important notes for those who want to download" first. 

This game is a part of IEP Legacy games so it's buggy, short and mostly not optimized; please be aware.

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