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It looks fun,  is it taxing on my pc? I'm afraid it would be pointless to install


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  1. Burdensome; wearing.
  2. With respect to an experience: exhausting; draining.
  3. not easily borne; wearing
  4. In other words will it drain my pc, cuz my pc is average-ish

No it won’t drain your pc :D

Drugulation doesn’t have heavy graphics, and if you have problems you can reduce the graphics in settings.



I like the use of all the assets and little flourishes on everything. The current intro videos were a nice touch given the time constraint.

Couldn't get past the ship-repair FPS level as I found the enemy attacks came from all angles, as well as being hard to hit and requiring multiple shots to finish off; and a small bump could knock me off the ship very easily. I'm not the best FPS gamer, it must be said, but to be fair I think it's always hard to pitch the difficulty of your own game; particularly when you play it many times during jam dev ;)

Yeah my games are generally hard for some reason :)))

But I will make that repair level easier; as you said, I didn’t have any time to do that. Thanks for the comment!


Really fun game! Can't wait to see more updates!


Thank you! Sometimes a good comment is all you need to move forward :)