Update v0.7 - Meet the Bosses

Hello everyone. Thank you for 60+ downloads! I'm really glad that people are playing the game. I'm here with the new update for Dasher 3D. The main differences are divided into 2 parts: Bosses and Bug Fixes:

☼ Bosses

As many shooter games have, I've added some differing enemies that are more powerful that the regular enemies (Hasher - the blue ones) which are illustrated on the left panel in the game and they're commonly named 'bosses':


Bomber-class boss. Have a small body size with fairly good speed and have 2 HPs. Doesn't shoot any bullets but plants mines across the map. Their movement is fast and mostly constant. The mine can be defused if the player shoot at it; but will explode and reduce 1 HP if hit or the player was in the blast-radius when it goes off automatically in 2 seconds.



Sniper-class boss. Have a small body similar to Basher, moves quickly but have 1 HP . Shoots high-speed bullets with low rate of fire. Their movement is defensive and long-range. At some points even runs away from the player for the sake of survival.


Heavy-class boss. Have a huge body and moves very slowly but have 4 HPs. Shoots 3 bullets with each fire having a medium fire-rate. Their movement is very slow, close-range and harsh. If you see more than 1 of these in your scene, you better kiss your game session a goodbye...

☼ Bug Fixes:

• Fixed enemies' friendly-fire: Enemies can't kill each other now; even their scores were being added to the player's :)) but now you're on your own.

• Optimization: Lightened up the game for low-spec PCs. Changed the bullets mechanisms which smooths the game a bit (however, you can't "boost" anymore).  Also a little lighting overdoes fixed and added shadows to the player and robots.

• AI fix: Robots now actually aim at you. Also fixed some robots becoming jerky at some points. Kind of fixed that too, report any jerking if you see one.

• Fixed some terrible bugs that I don't even want to talk about it (shame on me >.<).

• Probably added more bugs to fix later :))

Sorry I postponed the instructions level for the next update. I don't think anyone would go crazy learning the game by themselves anyway. Also there might be a squad mode where you get to team up with some bosses to help you as a teammate! Be sure to follow and comment on anything that you think about this update here. Thanks again for all the support!


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Nov 22, 2018

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Masher is kind of OP and spawns too quick but game is now much better in terms of performance and game play . I like this update

(1 edit)

Indeed, he's our hardest boss and his spawn rate is 0.2/1... I guess I'll lower that in the next update. 

I'm glad that my graphics optimization worked! I'll run some code optimization in the next update too.