Dasher 3D is a top down shooter with time-freezing. And it's controlled with only one button as it's a part of Feldo's 1-Button Jam!

You are the Dasher, a lonely sprite that shoots and well... dashes around. A group of angry bots have attacked you in huge numbers, but you can do something that they can't: Control the time! As you dash around and stop, time freezes and lets you decide to either shoot, or to dash again.

Note that other maps are available in the standalone version.

How to play and short points:

• Dash around by holding the main button or mouse click

• Shoot the enemies by pressing the main button or mouse click.

• Watch out! enemies can shoot too, each live you lose makes you gain less score from kills. Also keep an eye on the left panel which illustrates how many bosses are in the room.

• Each boss have their own pros and cons. Know your enemy!

• Get Power-ups from time to time.

• Think before you move. You have 2 options each time you freeze, but one might make that the last.


♦ Robots are stupid pieces of dummies. There isn't very much AI for the robots, they won't guess your moves and they won't judge the lasers. So don't get too cocky with your combat skills :>

♦ Bosses have their unique voices! For when they spawn, get shot, or die. (Recorded by me with crappy mic :D).

♦ After you die, Robots start screwing around and celebrate their victory :)))

 The game is complete, but might receive some updates. So stay tuned and check Dasher 3D's devlog regularly!

Thanks for downloading! Be sure to comment anything you think about this game here...

Install instructions

I don't think anyone would be confused, but all you need to do is to download the Dasher 3D.rar from below and unzip the .rar file to an empty folder in your PC and then play "Dasher3D.exe".

The previous versions are also available if you want. Also, If you have a 32-bit system, download the compatible version.

You can make a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on 'Dasher3D.exe' and selecting "Send to" > "Desktop (create shortcut)". 

Contact IEP78Esy@gmail.com if you're really stuck.


Dasher 3D v1.4.rar 16 MB
Dasher 3D.apk 26 MB
Dasher 3D v1.3.rar (Old) 16 MB
Dasher 3D v1.3 - 32Bit.rar (Old) 14 MB
Dasher 3D.rar (Very Old) 17 MB
Dasher 3D (32bit).rar (Very Old) 14 MB
Dasher v0.7.rar (Grandfather) 16 MB
Dasher v0.7 32-bit.rar (Grandfather) 14 MB
Dasher Jam version.rar (Legacy) 16 MB

Development log


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