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Cute Adblocker Mod
Hey everyone! I made a game from Cute adblocker's score mode for the SBIG game jam . You can find Backrooms enemies and Dasher 's bosses voices and even the...
Summer Update
Cute Adblocker is now available on Windows, MacOS, WebGL and Linux. In the new summer update, you can connect your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch account...
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HTML5 version - Kill Ads on the go
Hey everyone! I made an HTML5 version of Cute Adblocker's score mode for those who want to kill Ads on the go! You can now shoot Ads in a quicker way. But the...
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Version 1.1 - Easy and bugless
Hello everyone. Today I fixed some bugs. Also, I noticed few people managed to go further than the second level so I made the game very easier by: • Made the...
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The First 10 Minutes of Game play (played by Developer)
Hello everyone! Today I made a video of first 10 minutes of Cute Adblocker's Game play ! I hope you all enjoy. Don't forget to share your thoughts or upload you...
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