A downloadable game for Windows


Play as Jeremy who is experimenting a multi-dimensional teleporter. Go through  a white window to go to different dimensions and finish each level to find the next window and enter a new world!


Each level of this 'combined' game is made by Combination Jam 2021 participants:

During Combination Jam 2021, participants created one level of a game in which had Jeremy as their main character.

After the game jam, their levels were combined together in Combination Jam Launcher; which launches each level one by one, keeps track of game progress, player's best times and includes links to each creator itch page and level pages.


Windows Launcher v1.0.0 69 MB

Install instructions

I don't think anyone would be confused, but all you need to do is to download the  game from below and unzip the .zip file to an empty folder in your PC and then play "Combination Jam.exe".

You can make a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on 'Combination Jam.exe' and selecting "Send to" > "Desktop (create shortcut)". 

Contact contact@iep-esy.ir if you're really stuck.

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