#1 Rated Funniest Game on Paint Jam 2020

#2 in Overall and Sounds, and #3 in Art


Bit Jail is an escape room game with MS Paint theme. Play as Mr. Anderson who has been jailed in a house. Solve puzzles to find two house keys and escape the jail, or at least try to escape...


This Game is a Paint Jam entry and follows these challenges:

  • Entire Graphics drawn with mouse in Microsoft Paint.
  •  Only used default brush, default palette and Comic sans font.
  •  Entire sounds are recorded mouth voice.
  • Made in 2 days (Okay maybe 3)


  • Mods are only supported on Windows version.
  • Some browsers shortcuts (Like chrome's Ctrl+W) might alter your game play!
  • I need to test the Mac build of Bit Jail! If you're a Mac OS user, please tell me in the comments that it works or not. Thanks you!

Install instructions

I don't think anyone would be confused, but all you need to do is to download the  game from below and unzip the .zip file to an empty folder in your PC and then play "Bit Jail.exe".

You can make a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on 'Bit Jail.exe' and selecting "Send to" > "Desktop (create shortcut)". 

Contact contact@iep-esy.ir if you're really stuck.


Windows 18 MB
Linux 20 MB
Mac 18 MB
Bit Jail.apk 13 MB

Development log