Oculus Quest version

Hey everyone! VR version of Backrooms can now be played on Oculus Quest! As many of you requested that a lot.

I’ve also submitted Backrooms VR to SideQuest and it should be approved there in about a week.

Thank you all for playing and support. I hope you enjoy Backrooms in VR!


Oculus Quest (1 & 2) - APK file to sideload manually 41 MB
Jun 25, 2021

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Hey I paid for this twice and still no classic mode available. Even so, in Deaf mode I tried this game several times and just died for no reason. Where's the monsters? You dont see anything? Just sound fx? Please help

The VR version doesn’t have classic mode. To learn the game, watch the tutorial. It’s on the right when you’re selecting difficulty 😁 You can also read this page:


you didnt have to pay for it its free